rei (04_) wrote in gif_fuck,

About Grisha.

Grisha represents special transport of obligatory use.
These are 2 wheels connected by a curve pole. The person fastens on it with belts.
There is also a special tuning which is affordable only for very rich people.
Its pissed carpet of goat wool, this carpet wraps around the pole.
Any offensive statements about Grisha are punished by cutting off testis!
Its possible to turn while riding Grisha, but it demands skill.
Grisha is important, and should be worshipped.
The person is attached to Grisha since birth and to the death.
For the purpose these laws were not broken, each Grisha is supplied with a bomb.
The check from a bomb is firmly adhered to belts of Grisha so its impossible to remove it without detonating.
To move on Grisha, it is necessary to overturn effort of muscles on the pole.
When turning it is necessary to bring legs aside turn and turn by inertia.
One more very important moment: it is impossible to stop completely on Grisha.
The full stop is punished by cutting off testis.
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